Metal Fabrication Assembly, Kitting & Packaging Services

Value Added Assembly Services

Jensen Metal Products excels in providing value-added assembly services for the metal fabrication industry. Our expertise includes a suite of services to enhance the functionality and appearance of your metal assemblies:

  • Welding: We offer precision welding services to ensure strong and durable joins.
  • Fastening: Our fastening solutions maintain the integrity of complex assemblies.
  • Powder Coating: A durable and attractive finish is provided through our powder coating process.

Custom Kitting and Packaging

Understanding the unique nature of each project, we offer custom kitting and packaging solutions:

  • Specialized Hardware Procurement: We source the specific components needed for your assembly.
  • Collaborative Design: Partnering with your design team, we help incorporate your brand identity through logos and product information on labels.

Tailored Packaging Solutions

Our custom packaging solutions are designed to protect and showcase your products:

  • Product Labels: Professional labeling for brand recognition.
  • Decals: High-quality decals for product identification.
  • Bagging and Shrink Wrapping: Secure packaging for smaller items.
  • Skidding and Boxing: Durable options for larger assemblies.

Comprehensive Assembly Methods

We utilize a range of advanced assembly methods to guarantee product integrity:

  • Hardware Installation: Precision techniques for a flawless finish.
  • Riveting: Sturdy joins for lasting reliability.
  • Welding and Brazing/Soldering: High-strength metal joins using advanced techniques.
  • Pems and Pressing: Efficient pressing methods for perfect assembly.

Advanced Assembly Technology

Our Haeger 824 Plus Hardware Insertion Machine features:

  • 8 Tons of Ram Force: For precise hardware insertion.
  • 24″ Depth Reach: Accommodates a variety of assembly sizes.
  • Fully Hydraulic and PLC Electrical Controls: Ensures consistent operation.
  • Patented Positive Stop Cylinder: Protects materials, enhancing product quality.
Haeger 824 Plus Hardware Insertion Machine used in assembly at metal fabrication manufacture

At Jensen Metal Products, we are dedicated to delivering metal fabrication assemblies that are not only built to specifications but are also ready for immediate use. Our commitment to quality and efficiency in assembly, kitting, and packaging positions us to exceed your expectations, providing a market-ready product that embodies excellence. Contact us today to learn more about these value adding services.