Architecture Industry

Metal Fabrication for the Architecture & Construction Industry

Providing Functional and Decorative Elements to Your Specifications

In the construction industry, our expertise lies in turning architectural plans into reality. From structural components to conceptual designs, we have the capabilities to deliver dependable support for construction projects. Our metal fabrication services offer precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal, meeting the unique needs of the construction industry.

Why Choose Jensen Metal Products:

  • Capability to turn architectural plans into reality.
  • Dependable support for construction projects.
  • Precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal for structural works

A trusted name in Wisconsin since 1922.

At Jensen Metal Products, we not only offer a wide array of metal fabrication capabilities, but we also ensure better pricing, faster turnaround, and consistent quality control for your projects. Our ability to work with various alloys, including brass, strip steel, and aluminum galvanized, means we can adapt to the unique requirements of your industry. Contact us today!