CNC Machining

Machining With Precision

We have a very strong, 30-year partnership with a neighboring machine shop for all of your machining  needs. We can produce a range of complex machinery at the right price with precision and efficiency.

  • (4) Mazak VCN510C-II high speed vertical machine center
  • (2) Mazak V-655 with jig bore accuracy. Table capacity 5,400 lb
  • (4) Mazak V515
  • (1) Mazak V655/80 with 4th axis
  • (1) Hurco Ultimax BMC 50
         30“L x 59”W x 24”H
  • (3) Hurco VMX 64
          64”L x 34”W x 30”H
  • (1) Hurco VMX 64 with 4th axis
          64”L x 34”W x 30”H

Flow Shape Technologies
  • (2) Flow Mach3 with dynamic head