We have the capabilities to service a wide range of industries

From large-batch production for international Fortune 500 companies to smaller orders for our local businesses, we have the ability, interest and experience to take on your project. We serve many types of original equipment manufacturing operations (OEMs) and fabricate aftermarket products and service parts.


Jensen Metal Products has extensive experience in manufacturing for farm machinery and heavy duty trucks. We are a proud supporter of our local agriculture equipment providers.


Innovative, quality designs and streamlined manufacturing help our customers stay competitive in today’s demanding retail environment. We can create displays, fixtures and other metal installations to meet your specifications.

Signs & Advertising

We fabricate exterior steel elements for several well-known fast food chains nation-wide. We know these products must be durable and long-lasting and can deliver the high-quality products our customers need to stay ahead.

Oil, Gas, Solar & Wind

Quality control is crucial in the production of energy related products. We conduct inspections throughout the production process, run extensive testing and can provide authorized inspection documentation.


Whether it’s a functional element or a more conceptual design, we have the expertise to make your architectural plans a reality. With an eye for detail our engineers and customer service teams can provide dependable support for your construction projects.


A reliable reputation and up-to-date certifications are a must when it comes to producing parts for government issued products. We pride ourselves in creating long-lasting business relationships and, with a robust list of certifications, Jensen Metal Products is a name you can trust.


We have experience creating precision parts for medical equipment. With a focus on accuracy, on-time delivery and compliance with regulatory requirements, we can also develop customized fabrication and assembly which means cost benefits for you.

And Beyond

If you can draw it, we can build it. With a supportive staff, experienced engineering team and a vast array of machines we have endless capabilities. Contact us to find out more about how we can take on your project.