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Safan Darley
The newest addition to the Jensen Metal lineup is the Safan E-series electric brake press. Featuring Wila quick change tooling, programmable lift assist, LED tooling locators, thickness measurement, an integrated safety light curtain and offline CNC programming. The Safan has given Jensen the ability to bend parts faster and safer while consuming 85% less energy than a standard hydraulic press!

Brake Presses:

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• 10′, 165 ton Safan E-Series CNC brake press
• 12′, 240 ton Amada CNC brake press
• 12′, 140 ton Amada CNC brake press
• 10′, 175 ton Amada CNC brake press
• 8′, 88 ton Amada CNC brake press
• 10′, 150 ton DiAcro CNC brake press


Davi Forming

The Davi four roll is a programmable CNC rolling machine able to pre-bend and roll anything from standard cylinders to more complex geometry (ovals, ellipses, cones, etc…)

• 10′ up to 5/8” capacity*

*thickness depends on length of part and diameter required.

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